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Covid-19 Products

Prices subject to change and will be confirmed at time of purchase 

ALL FLYERS have recently been revised, most with lower prices

(1) face shield - (1) goggle - (2) gaiters - (1) faceguard - (19) masks including several 3 ply - (3) matching adult /children - (1) matching shirts - (1) with 2 youth and 3 adult sizes - (1) with a min. of only 5 masks - (6) with 50 or less min. order and (1) 3 ply sublimation printed for $2.30 or less. Just added BamBam 3 ply printed one color with only a 100 piece min. order for less than $2.30 each (white mask (Black mask slightly more) wow! And now they have adjustable ear loops wow wow, 2 weeks or less delivery. Several masks I can print as few as 50, price varies by mask starting @ $5.50

Current prices as of 11/12/20 - down --- up + / no change

These 5 items shipped freight free

 (6)MASK K80B adult multiples of 1000 each $0.38 /

(13)  Essential Kit multiples of 250 each $2.75 with logo --

(13 )Essential Kit Plus multiples of 250 each $4.75 with logo --

(12)  Goggles multiples of 500 each $3.80 +++

(12) Face Shields multiples of 1000each $2.05 --

Click on flyers to enlarge

1.Founder core flyer

2.Cool, Comfortable, Cotton Masks, Badger 5

3.Cool, Comfortable, Cotton Masks

4.Smart Mask Flyer

5.Face Guard Badger Flyer

6.Mask Information 3

7.Baw Aerosilver Flyer

8.Badger Gaiter Flyer

9.Sanmar Mask Flyer

10.Blue Generation Flyer

11.Sublimated Face Masks

12.Face Shield Flyer

13.Essentials Kits Flyer Updated

14.Baw Mask Flyer

15.Metro Pack Flyer


17.Bayside Masks, 18 Colors

18.Youth Masks 19.Camo Masks 20.New Masks
21.YSLG540 KN95 20 Pack 22.YSLG Mask Flyer 23.YSLG541 2oz Sanitizer 24.YLHS-HS 16.9oz Sanitizer
25.YLHS-HS 8.1oz Sanitizer 26.YLHS-HS 33.8oz Sanitizer 27.NG01 Nitrile Gloves 28.MS40158 Gloves
29.MS04125 Gloves 30.FS1 Face Shields 31.Face Shields 32.Safety Glasses
33.Fit Over Safety Glasses 34.Adjustable Frame Safety Glasses 35.Reusable Face Shield 36.Hand Sanitizer Bottle with Logo
37.Eyewear Face Shield 38.IProtect Protective Eyewear 39.IProtect Readers Protective Eyewear